If you are looking for AC repair and maintenance services in Dubai, UAE. AC repair Al Barsha is the best option for you to take our services regarding AC maintenance and repair services.

We also provide other services like AC installation and cleaning services for AC units.

AC duct cleaning is also in our services list that, we provide to our customers with a lot of skilled workers and technicians along with the qualified staff that we have.

To take care of every type of AC in residential or commercial areas. It doesn’t matter to us where it is installed all we care about to give our best services to make it lifelong and runnable in every way.

AC Repair Services By Al Barsha

Our Vision

AC maintenance Al Barsha is the best and old experienced company in Dubai, UAE.

We are facilitating our customers with a vision that their AC should not bother them in any way.

Our Company serves your AC in a manner to give you satisfaction and reliability to not tease you for taking emergency steps.

Services regarding AC maintenance and repair to secure your AC future and make it lifelong.

Services we Offer

AC Repair Al Barsha offers many services to their customers and their AC. We offer usually

  • AC repair
  • Maintenance services
  • Cleaning services
  • Quality check
  • AC installation
  • AC replacement
  • Diagnostic test for AC units
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • AC modification

AC maintenance by Al Barsha

AC maintenance and Repair services

AC maintenance Al Barsha provide AC repair and maintenance services to its customers and clients for more than a decade.

We also serve your AC from repeat breakdowns that usually happen to your AC at any time.

Tips and tricks

1- Cleaning your air filters

This is a very common problem that happens a lot if you are living in a place like Dubai. The air filters suck in dirt and mud easily which stops AC from giving you the full cool air it needed to provide.

We take care of cleaning them at least every four months, and if they are not been taken care of your AC might not work properly in the function that it is designed.

Sometimes they needed to be replaced and AC maintenance Al Barsha can easily replace them for you.

2- The exterior of the Outdoor Unit

The common problem is when the exterior of the outdoor compressor gets dirty so the AC starts losing its efficiency with time and causes you a lot of problems.

So cleaning it will play a very important role for your AC to run like it is built in and designed to run properly and provide you the best cooling in hot weather.

3- Coolant pipe insulation

The pipes which are connected to the interior unit and outdoor compressor should also be cleaned for the same purpose as we mentioned above.

All of these 3 components require cleaning jobs for an AC to give its full performance and efficiency.

Time is of the Essence

We always explain these things to our customers through every channel we can that get your AC ready for the summer season. In time always, gets it repair and maintenance jobs for it to take its performance during the summer season.

Also, we recommend AC Repair in time to save you headaches and money from getting a repair job in an emergency to pay for it later.


In order to enjoy your time in heat and humidity but still be able to enjoy a cold chill environment you have to take services of AC Repair and maintenance regularly in time for your own AC performance to run smoothly daily and gives you the purpose for which you spend money to buy it.

That is why taking care of your AC is so necessary to get rid of any kind of problem in the future you have to face for your own sake.